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Here at TriState Moving and Storage, we are a Lowes Island MOVERS moving company that understands we are in charge of moving much more than furniture and loose ends across the country.

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All across the tristate area, people pick up and move their whole lives to new, far-away places daily, and we are proud to be the long distance moving company trusted by Lowes Island Delaware – Maryland – Laurel Hill to help them get exactly where they’re going.

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We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured moving company with years of experience providing home moving services to customers across the Delaware – Maryland – Laurel Hill Metro Area. From planning your move, packing, transporting, and unpacking, we are there for you. It takes a special breed to succeed in this city, and few moving companies are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and work ethic that it takes to handle it.

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Lowes Island Movers adheres to strict standards for hiring, meaning that whether you are using us for a local move, long-distance haul, local storage services or our multitude of other specialty services, you will always get Professional Lowes Island Movers, who are motivated and courteous, showing up at your door.

Lowes Island Movers is a fast-paced city, so most things just come and go here; however, there are a few staples.

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TriState Moving and Storage has been in business since 1939, so that means we’ve got a bit of that old-school, people-first mentality. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t with the times. We use cutting-edge techniques and technology to give you a fair and honest estimate (camera estimates), and we are equipped with some of the latest moving equipment and rigs. You can start your move experience with a free move quote.

Contact us today to find out why the people of Lowes Island Delaware – Maryland – Laurel Hill have kept us in business for almost 80 years.