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Many people approach moving in Prince George\’s County Movers with dread and despair.
TriState Moving and Storage will turn your perception of moving on its head. We will make the experience of moving in Prince George\’s County Movers stress-free, and, dare we say, fun.

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TriState Moving and Storage is a full-service local mover in Prince George\’s County, DMV area, which means that we can do it all: pack your stuff, pick up your boxes, plan your move, problem solve, and even bring you a coffee on moving day (your coffee machine is packed, right?).

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TriState Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company. How are we different from the competition? We’re glad you asked:

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We believe in being on time – always!
We have transparent, up-front moving rates

Our movers are highly trained professionals who know how to handle your things with care. We are incredibly detail oriented (clean trucks and spotless uniforms)

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TriState Moving and Storage
If you find packing daunting, you’re not alone. That’s why TriState Moving and Storage Prince George\’s County Movers has a packing service that can help you pack (and unpack):

All of your belongings
Just the kitchen
A single item
We will also pack your clothing for FREE, as part of our wardrobe service. All you need to do is leave your clothes hanging up in your closet, and we do the rest.

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We can also supply you with packing supplies, like boxes and tape, if you want to pack yourself, and we deliver all of our boxes for free.

What will moving day look like if you hire TriState Moving and Storage Prince George\’s County Movers? We will:

Call you in advance to confirm key information (such as where you live, and where we can park our moving truck). Bring you a coffee Complete a walkthrough of your home so you can highlight any items that need extra special care.

Pack and unpack the truck quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your most important things are easily accessible.

Ensure all of your belongings are placed in the correct rooms in your new home
Leave you your very first housewarming gift
So, if you’re ready for an exceptional moving experience in the Prince George\’s County, DMV area, call TriState Moving and Storage today!